Software Proven Secure – Independent Penetration Testing

Utilizing a variety of security tools and/or techniques in a layered approach, [security testing vendor] attempted to gain unauthorized access to the web applications and/or information. These techniques included:

Footprint Analysis entails browsing the web application and utilizing it the way a normal user would. Special attention is paid to the types of files included in the web application (file extensions), and the overall functionality of the web application. The result of this research allows [security testing vendor] to identify targets within the application and/or it provides information that may prove useful in future attacks.

Web Application Analysis, Scanning, and Manual Testing is a thorough review of the web application. Via automated web application security tools and manual testing, [security testing vendor] probes the web application for potentially telling comments/error messages, weaknesses in included scripts, vulnerable parameters and/or web application functionality.

Exploitation attempts against discovered vulnerabilities failed to provide unauthorized access to any systems and/or information.

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