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Mobile App Review: Uscapeit

Available for the iPhone (or any iOS device with a video camera), this free app allows users to create interactive panoramic 360⁰ views of their surroundings.  Simply press record, turn around in a circle and upload.  Your video will be converted and returned to you as a panoramic view (or ‘scape’) to share from your device, email or post.  Take a look at our example, below.  Click and drag the image to see the entire scape!

We particularly love that this app provides such a simple way for the average person to add an interactive visual component to their web site.  One down side is, you must wait for the scape to be converted and returned to you.  The strength of your network or wi-fi connection will play a role in how quickly your scape is uploaded and returned.  On the up side, who can argue with the price?  To learn more, visit

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