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GBPI partners with PC Pal to offer education-related products

Gold Bridge’s new partnership with PC Pal Solutions, Inc. will expand our offerings in the educational arena.  Headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL, PC Pal Solutions, Inc. has been working with educators to improve teaching and learning and increase student achievement through the implementation of technology based solutions.  Together, PC Pal and Gold Bridge Partners will work to serve current clients, increase product functionality and expand our client base while preserving a shared mission to support education.

As a result of this partnership, Gold Bridge is offering a suite of new products:
Student Assessment Online is a tool designed to deliver formative assessments and provide accurate, easily accessible results that drive professional development and accelerate the teaching and learning process.

Our enterprise training solutions are interactive self paced tutorials that feature voice video and text based instruction. The tutorials are accompanied by online pre and post assessments that can be used to evaluate the proficiency level of teachers and students as well as award credit hours for successful completion of the training regimen.  These products can be used to support the objectives of business owners as well as schools.  Multiple districts are currently utilizing the tutorials to address the demands of NCLB as it applies to technology and 8th grade students as well as award CPE credit hours to teachers.

With an application in many industries, our online asset tracking system (iTrackASSETS) uses bar code technology that enables you to scan, track and report on any item that is important to your business.  This advanced tool is web-based, so there is no need for installation and you can securely access it from any location.

GBPI contracts with Pender Veterinary Centre in Virginia

For more than 40 years, Pender has been a place where pet owners bring their beloved animal friends to receive care from an established team of passionate, experienced veterinarians. Today, Pender stands out amongst other animal care centers for its quality round-the-clock veterinary care, innovative, compassionate boarding and training, and for setting high standards for all veterinary teams through their philanthropic and development programs.  In September 2010, GBPI began working with Pender to examine its technological business needs.  Gold Bridge is excited to be working with an organization who accomplishes so much in the world of veterinary care through drive, integrity and innovation.  Click here to learn more about Pender.

MD College Aid Processing System LIVE

The Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) has recently released their Maryland College Aid Processing System (MD CAPS).  This secure system allows for management and administration of their twenty-six financial aid programs.  With portals for Agency staff, Students, Schools, and Legislators, this system uses cutting edge technology to better serve each participant in the financial aid process.

Features include:

  • Dynamic Online Applications
  • Reporting and Administrative Tools
  • Customizable Role-Based Security (permissions)
  • Automatic Notifications and Tracking
  • Configurable Program Settings
  • Payment Processing
  • Servicing and Obligation Tracking for Forgivable Loans
  • Detailed Audit Trail
  • Automated Features to Facilitate Work-Flow
  • Online Portal and File Uploads for Certification

See For Yourself

If you are interested in getting a “behind the scenes” look at how this system operates, please contact us for a demonstration. Demonstrations are targeted to your points of interest and can be provided online or on-site.

Archived – Attorney Stevens website goes LIVE

Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. recently completed a website for Stevens Law Offices, an attorney specializing in auto accident and personal injury cases in Maine. The site can be accessed at and is based on GBPI’s Virtual Office platform