Asset Tracking

Flexible, Easy to Use Interface

ItrackASSETS is extremely easy to implement.  Because the system is web-based, it is not necessary to install software on individual computers and you can track items from any location that has internet access.

Scanners are “plug and play”  and are compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers.  Cordless scanners facilitate high volume scanning at your central office.


Distributing, controling and accounting for your assets can be a complicated process.  ItrackASSETS simplifies this process by enabling you to view the location and status of every item without ever leaving your desk.  Using the Report Wizard, you can view a variety of online reports that will help you maintain strict accountability of all your business assets.

About the Dashboard

ItrackASSETS provides you with a tremendous amount of data about inventory items.  The dashboard presents this data to Central Office Administrators in “clickable” format.  By clicking on items on the Dashboard, users can quickly and easily drill-down through data and view detailed information about items.

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