Financial Aid

GoldFrame 7.0

for Grant, Scholarship, & Loan Delivery

Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. is the leader in financial aid delivery software. Our systems directly serve universities, students, donors, state legislators, and non-profit groups.

With a decade of experience, Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. understands financial aid.  We understand that program needs can change at a moment’s notice and, your technology must support those changes. We know the importance of being able to project future awarding scenarios and we grasp the sensitive nature of student personal and financial data.

Our systems improve your operational effectiveness and increase your ability to provide outstanding customer service.

Customizable Financial Aid Delivery Systems may include these available features:

Available Features in the Agency Module

  • Yearly Settings – agency users can adjust settings that change from year to year.
  • Adjustable Program Settings
  • ISIR Import
  • Manual Application Entry – for paper applications that come to the agency.
  • Partial Matching and Merging – for imported Student Records
  • Search for Student & Edit Student Record
  • Document Tracking – for supplemental information
  • Comments (on student record) – also available through FAO module
  • Auditing – shows history of updates made by Agency, FAO, Student or system
  • Eligibility Determination
  • Scoring/Ranking
  • Award from Multiple Funds – one program, multiple funds
  • Notifications System – email and paper letters
  • Payment & Refund Processing
  • Search for School/Edit School
  • Reports
  • Custom Query Tool – for simple reports on the fly.
  • Modeling & Projections
  • User Management with Security Levels/Roles
  • Editable FAQ & Glossary – for student module.
  • File Transfers – importing and exporting files from SAT, ACT and other sources

Available Features in the School Financial Aid Officer (FAO) Module

  • Search for Student & Edit Student Record
  • Student Eligibility Certification – Online or File Transfer
  • Payment Processing – Request Payment, Refunds, Download Disbursement Files and View Disbursement History
  • User Documentation
  • Institutional Information/Set-up
  • Reporting
  • Login Management – for administrative users within a school

Available Features in the Student Module

  • Login Registration
  • Online Application
  • Update Enrollment Information – add or delete a school, update enrollment status, etc…
  • View Application Status and Award Status
  • Accept or Decline Award
  • View Disbursement Information
  • Help Requests
  • Service Obligation Status
  • Notification History (emails and letters)

Other Available Features

  • Task Pad/“To Do” List – for Agency, FAO and Student Modules
  • Need Analysis – recalculating EFCs or determining unmet need
  • Renewals
  • Cohort Tracking
  • Integration with Other Systems (i.e., accounting)
  • Data Import from sources other than FAFSA (i.e., legacy systems)
  • Reviewer Interface – for application review, report generation and awarding by outside entities
  • Edit File Format – Agency users can update the FAFSA file layout as it changes every year.
  • Agency User Documentation
  • Repayment (for forgivable loans)
  • Service Obligation Tracking
  • Online Participation Agreement
  • Performance Monitoring – System performance can be monitored such that an email will be sent if certain functions fail.
  • Help Requests through FAO – Specific student help requests can be dealt with by the schools.

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