“The team at GBPI combined expertise, creativity and common sense to craft a website for my law firm that is simple for both myself and my clients to navigate, and yet sophisticated enough to provide me with a number of features that allow me to maximize client contacts to help grow my business.  This accomplishment was possible because GBPI approached my website from start to finish with the same enthusiasm as I had for the project.  Thank you, GBPI.”

Craig A. Stevens
Stevens Law Offices

“We find the system to be comprehensive and user friendly for all involved… RIHEAA could not be happier and offer our highest recommendation of GBPI.”

Charles Miller
RI Higher Education Assistance Authority – Chief Information and Technology Officer

“We found their staff to be very professional and thorough.  Most importantly, the deliverables were on time and on budget.  We met, in person and virtually, on a regular basis for status updates.  GBPI handled changes without missing a step.  They strived to make the application exceed our expectations.  GBPI understands how non-profits operate and there were no budgetary surprises.  I recommend their organization as one of the highest integrity, demonstrating professionalism and exceeding client expectations.”

Marc Berthaume
President – MJB Solutions

“Gold Bridge Partners did an excellent job of managing the project with weekly status calls and accurate reporting of project status.”

Charles M. Penuel
Board Member – College Savings Plans Network

“The results of the test indicate a highly secure web environment…All involved parties should be proud of the extensive work that is carried out during development, testing and maintenance that has made our web systems so secure…  The strongest message came from [the lead security tester] when he indicated that this was some of the strongest custom website development he has tested.”

Jonathan Harvell
CIO – Finance Authority of Maine

“This is a great system. It’s very user-friendly. This is going to save me a lot of time this fall.”

Kelly Knight
Financial Aid Officer

“I did not have any problems verifying my students and requesting payment. I am not comfortable working online, but the experience with your site was a positive one and not at all intimidating. Thank you.”

Wilma Beers
Lafayette College

“This scholarship application is so well thought out and makes it a lot easier and more effective for the students to follow step-by-step what they need to do to apply. That is really important since they are all so busy with all of their end-of-the year preparations. It is so nice to deal with quality! Thanks again.”

Debbie Daggett

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