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GBPI welcomes Sydney Hill LLC.com on board.  Robert Racine and Sydney Hill LLC. asked that we create a web presents for his organization.  We are proud to be working with Bob and his crew.  They offer two main services, Insurance Estimating for both Commercial and Residential properties, as well as Home Inspections and Construction Consultants.

Here is a peak at what Sydney Hill LLC offers:

Insurance Estimating Residential and Commercial

We are a Maine firm specializing in Insurance Estimating for both Residential and Commercial Insurance. If you are in need of an Insurance claim estimate or appraisal, we are the company for you.  Our Residential and Commercial Insurance services extend from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Helping you out with damage caused by, Fire, Water, Windstorm, Explosion, Lighting Freeze up, Smoke, Ice Dams as well as Damage by vehicles. So when a disaster strikes, call for an appointment so that we may help you.  You can also complete our online form. Umpire Appraisal Service – when you need an Insurance Appraisal Umpire in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, call Sydney Hill LLC., or fill out our online form and we will assist you.

Home Inspections and Construction Consultant’s

Umpire, Appraisal Services

Sydney Hill LLC., Construction Consultant’s are here to serve you in Augusta Maine and Coastal Areas.  With over 40 years experience preforming home inspections.  When buying a home, let Sydney Hill LLC., help you determine what the home really needs to be updated or repaired before you put down your hard earned money.  Sydney Hill will provide you with the highest quality service Maine can provide.  Our experience as construction consultant’s and home inspection services will provide you with the piece of mind when making your purchase of a new home. If you are selling a home in Maine, find out what the home really worth, need repairs, construction defects, age, wear and tear issues.  No matter what the cause, Sydney Hill LLC., is prepared to provide our Maine customers with the best home inspection services in Augusta and coastal areas.     Sydney Hill LLC. & CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT’S