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Lyn Snow Gallery of Watercolors

GBPI has partnered with Susan Whittington to complete a website for her mom’s, Lyn Snow, Watercolors. Visit the website and take a look a the online store of Lyn Snow Watercolors – the Gallery is wonderful.

This project was both fun and a maze of discovery.  The art work is sensational and Lyn’s story is incredible.  Many stories of her travels as well as her untimely passing away from a rare tick disease.  Visit for the full story.

Here is a story from Susan about her Mom.

Lyn Snow was my mother, who lived and painted in South Thomaston, Maine. She was known for the clean lyrical approach she brought to her watercolors. She captured and painted the mood and essence of flowers; the elegance and romance of a wedding bouquet, the charm of wildflowers and the drama of irises.

Individually or in collection, her work gained national recognition. Her originals and limited  & open edition prints have been shown widely at fine art shows, numerous local and regional galleries both in the U.S. and internationally. Lyn collected many awards over the many decades she painted.  World renowned artist  Andrew Wyeth once visited the Gallery, and after watching Lyn paint, remarked “you have great technique”.

What started as a small art studio grew into a sprawling family business. The old farm house doubled in size to incorporate a large and busy studio and frame shop. For many years Lyn had her own galleries in Portland and Rockland, Maine.  Over the years she & her husband Jack reduced (and then eliminated) travelling to the art shows, and then closed the Portland store.  She officially retired on Columbus Day 2013, the final day of the Rockland store. Her plan was to be a full time grandmother.  In November of 2013 Lyn was bit by a tick carrying the Powassan Virus, thus passing away in December of this same year. 

While she is missed by family,  friends and art collectors, her work is still available to grace the walls of those who enjoy her work. 

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Gold Bridge Partners, Inc.  has recently teamed with Culbert Professional Investigations Group
Mr. Timothy Culbert and his company asked GBPI to create a website that would represent him and his organization. Mr. Culbert is a seasoned Private Investigator in Maine. His experience is extensive in both law-enforcement as well as private investigative work. The Culbert Group also specializes in Bomb Threat Search and Identification Seminars. Mr. Culbert’s relaxed and right to the point style of teaching has been well received. Over 10,000 business, education and public safety personnel have attended these timely and up to date seminars. Mr. Culbert states, “Preparation in crisis mitigation is the key, to solving your problems before they happen.”

Please join the team at GBPI and Culbert Professional Investigations Group in a strong welcome on board!

V&G Home Improvements, Travis Mills Foundation and Augusta Elks

One of our clients and GBPI attended a Veteran Function at the August Elks #964.  Girard, CEO of V&G Home Improvements, donated to the Travis Mills Foundation.  The event was a great success in raising funds for the foundation.  Pictured with Girard is Travis Mills, Retired United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the 82nd Airborne and founder.

Gold Bridge Partners, Inc supporting Veterans and a member of the Augusta Elks.


Health Care Proposal

GBPI was recently involved in drafting a plan for Tom Dunleavy, a CPA in Chicago, IL.  Tom drafted an amazing HealthCare Proposal then asked if GBPI would create a presentation, website and all the social aspects of his endeavor.

Tom’s vision for Health Care in the United States, is one that offers many changes and improvements to our existing systems.  Please follow the link and learn more.  Tom has 3 videos that are well worth watching and will provide you with great insight into his proposal.