Skill Assessment Online – Case Study

Bridgeport Public Schools use Skill Assessment Online

You are viewing an excerpt from a video showcasing Broad Prize finalists.

In the clip, the Superintendent as well as a representative principal, teacher and student from Bridgeport Public Schools discuss how online assessment and data driven decision making are having a positive impact on student achievement.

Bridgeport Public Schools utilizes Skill Assessment Online to conduct district wide common formative assessments, share meaningful results with teachers, principals and students, and close persistent achievement gaps. Auditors from the Broad Foundation as well as Bridgeport administrators have identified Skill Assessment Online as one of the district’s “best practices”.

Impact on Student Achievement

In this video clip, a panel of Superintendents from Broad Prize finalist districts are asked to identify the single initiative that had the greatest impact on student achievement.

Skill Assessment Online at the Broad Prize Symposium

The following presentation was utilized by Henry R. Kelly Sr., Deputy Superintendent for Teaching and Learning to showcase Skill Assessment Online at the Broad Prize Symposium.

Click here to view the presentation.

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