Educational Assessment

Skill Assessment Online

Assess.  Analyze.  Achieve.

While all school districts have different needs, all share a common goal – success for every child.  Demands for greater accountability have increased the burden on district personnel. Teachers and administrators need timely achievement data to drive instruction.

Skill Assessment Online is a powerful online engine that will streamline your assessment and reporting processes to ensure you receive real-time accurate data in an accessible, easy to understand format.


Easy To Use
Provides an engaging, simple method of identifying each child’s academic progress and needs. Create and deliver district wide assessments that align with your state standards. Best of all, you never have to install our software on individual computers. 

Flexible Interface
The ideal platform from which to implement a district wide assessment program.  Our flexible interface can be tailored to match the technology infrastructure of your district. You can assess online, with pencil and paper, or with scanners, or combine delivery methods for a single assessment.

Immediate Feedback
Achievement data is available immediately as students submit tests. Teachers and administrators can access and view results from any computer that has Internet access.

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