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GBPI contracts with

We are pleased to announce that Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. contracts with

WordPress Help, call us when you are in a bind

Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. is a one stop shop for the wordpress community.  If you have a question, something is not working correctly, or just need help with a wordpress site or problem, we are the people for you.  Call 207 623-8200 and we can establish a relationship that will work for you and your clients.  

We understand that many people create wordpress websites but often need help to take the product to the next level.  Call today!

WordPress, Text to Database solutions, call 207 623-8200

You are working in wordpress and want to create a text sms application to dump information to the web, we have the solution.  See

Why cant my power company provide text solution when the power is out?

The answer is they can, see text outage for more info.