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Power Company Solution, Text Outage Product, GBPI markets the new product

Visit: Text Outage and Text Dialog for a review of these new products and the many uses for text solutions for your business applications. 

Administrative Portal

 A web interface allows administrators to easily modify question text, question order, or add new questions.  With deterministic question flow, you can get just the information you need.  Additionally, one can manage behavior settings for the service, perform testing, and switch between active question sets.  A real-time display of incoming reports is readily available in the portal along with detail information about where the reports originated and the ability to send messages back to customers. 

The TxtDialog messaging system provides you with the ability to quickly and easily set up a series of questions that allows you and your customers to take advantage of the power and convenience of text messaging. This could range from offering customers a pizza ordering system via text message, to your workers reporting trouble tickets via text directly from the field as they happen.

Text  USC to 323 500 0226, then follow the text.  When you are done visit to view your text responses.  Select U.S. Cellular in the dropdown box and press submit.

Massachusetts Text Power Outages now law

Law says utilities must do more in outages


POWER OUTAGES (S 2404): House 154-0, approved and the governor signed into law a bill regulating the actions of utility companies during and following power outages. The measure was filed in response to the slow reaction by power companies to widespread power outages across the state during Tropical Storm Irene last summer and the October 2011 snowstorm.

Read more about the article from on the In the Media page.

Text Outage and Text Dialog, products to text to a database, client interaction

Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. introduces two new products, Text Outage and Text Dialog.  The products have an array of uses.  First text outage is a product that can be used by power companies desiring the ability to text an outage to the power company.  Read More

Next a product that can be used to access a database via text messaging.  This product will allow the user to dynamically setup a dialog session through the web interface.  It is as easy as 1,2,3.  See more about this text application dialog.

Elizabeth McClain joins the GBPI team as Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth has over 20 years proven experience leading business and technology teams to deliver and operate software and hardware solutions that provide business value. Her experience includes system development management, help desk management, budget management, contract management, client management, vendor management, and project and resource management. Prior to running the operations at GPBI, Elizabeth led the system development and support teams at Nelnet, Inc., an education finance company, that provided loan, grant, scholarship, and financial literacy Internet systems to four state guaranty agencies.