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Mobile App Review: Uscapeit

Available for the iPhone (or any iOS device with a video camera), this free app allows users to create interactive panoramic 360⁰ views of their surroundings.  Simply press record, turn around in a circle and upload.  Your video will be converted and returned to you as a panoramic view (or ‘scape’) to share from your device, email or post.  Take a look at our example, below.  Click and drag the image to see the entire scape!

We particularly love that this app provides such a simple way for the average person to add an interactive visual component to their web site.  One down side is, you must wait for the scape to be converted and returned to you.  The strength of your network or wi-fi connection will play a role in how quickly your scape is uploaded and returned.  On the up side, who can argue with the price?  To learn more, visit

Gold Bridge Welcomes David and Ryan

Gold Bridge is pleased to welcome David Redmond and Ryan Neumeister to our development team.

David joins the team after a 6-week internship with Gold Bridge, through the University of Maine at Augusta. Ryan comes to us from the finance industry. We are very happy to welcome both of these talented developers.

A New Financial Aid Program for Arizona

Gold Bridge has contracted with Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education (ACPE) to enhance their financial aid management system (which is based on our GoldFrame product). This enhancement will support a brand new aid program offered to students by ACPE. The enhancement will allow ACPE to survey applicants such that correlations can be made to better identify the factors that impact educational completion and success.

Release of Discover Microsoft® Office® 2010 Training Suite

screen view of interactive learning product
GBPI is proud to announce the Release of Discover Microsoft® Office® 2010 Training Suite!

The 2010 Suite is composed of 17 interactive learning modules that guide learners through media rich, self-paced instruction. Each module consists of approximately 3 hours of engaging, interactive instruction covering the most commonly used functions of Microsoft® Office® 2010. Additionally, these modules are Scorm and 508 compliant.

The Discover Microsoft® Office® 2010 Suite is available as both a hosted and non-hosted solution. Please visit our Interactive Training page for detailed information.